Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Seville again

Didn't quite play as well as the last couple days today, but Seville has great practice facilities and I had a really good practice session after we played today.  Figured out what was happening out there today and made a minor tweak and hit it great after that.  The putter is starting to feel really good in my hands as well.  Did a couple putting drill games with our buddy Doug who joined us again today.  Went well for me, not so well for Doug, haha.  We went to Grimaldi's for dinner afterwards, after Doug foolishly boasted, "This is the BEST pizza you'll ever have."  Really Doug?  Look at me, I obviously know my pizza.  He wasn't far off though, it's definitely worth a stop if you come out to the Phoenix/Scottsdale areas.  I wouldn't say BEST though, which got me thinking, what's the best pizza I've ever had…

1. Uncle Tony's in Milford, CT  -maybe I'm biased because I grew up with it.  But I remember it being the most amazing thing ever
2. Ballistreri's in Milwaukee, WI  -Not going there before a Kopp's stop, but it's next on my Milwaukee Must list
3. Gino's East/Giordano's  Chicago, IL  -Both have great deep dish, I'm sure Chicago residents have their opinions, but they're both really delicious and not really all that different
4. Oregano's in Scottsdale, AZ  -Chicago style in the desert, authentic all the way to the 45 minute wait. Probably would stop here before Grimaldi's, but it's close.
5. City Oven in Wexford, PA  -Best stop I've been to in Pittsburgh, granted I haven't made it to too many non-chains i.e. Lucianos, Monticellos, Sir's, Pizza Hut, but it is really good stuff and they have some great options. Plus it's owned by a PR family, the Matsons… Go Rams!

Honorable Mentions
Domenicos in Cranberry Twp, Grimaldi's in Scottsdale, Sal's at 2040 Wisconsin Ave Milwaukee, maybe Lou Malnati's in Chicago? Funny story about there…
We tried to go there 2 summers ago and it was myself, my friend Kenny and his lady Liz, Peter Malnati and his girlfriend.  They tell us it's an hour and a half wait.  Well forget that, but wait, Peter has an idea.  So he walks back up to the hostess and says, "Hey this is my Uncle's place, any chance you can find a table for us?"  And he hands her his ID.  She looks at it pauses and says, "Sure, can you just have him call down for you."  Rats!  Good try though Peter!  haha

Those are my favorite pizza stops, how bout you?  What am I missing and where do I need to go?

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