Sunday, January 8, 2012

Almost Course Record

We went back to Mountain Shadows this morning, the cool par 3 course, well it has two par-4s, but it's in really good condition.  When we checked in, I noticed that they had their course record scorecards sitting in the pro-shop.  Three guys had shot 48, or 8-under, in the course's history.  I thought, 8-under? That's doable.  And I got off to a great start, birdie-ing 3 of my first 4 holes.  I continued without a blemish and a couple more birdies until my 14th hole, where I was 6-under.  A tough par-3 with a very narrow green, and the toughest part was that the wind had picked up over the last hour and was blowing close to 15 or 20mph.  I hit it into a bunker that apparently had very little sand in it and I thinned it over into the next bunker, where I got it up and down.  Back to 5-under.  Four pars to finish saw me close with a 5-under par 51.  A great round in windy conditions, but I was hoping to get my card in the pro-shop.  The key on the day was making putts.  I rolled in a couple 20-footers which always helps.

Our friend Doug played with us, and again we went to De Falcos for lunch, a grocery store that has great subs.  Blue 32, a sports bar, would be our next stop to watch the Steelers-Broncos game.  It's called Blue 32, besides the obvious football reference, because it has 32 flat screen TVs.  It's mega sweet.  The game however, was not.  The bar was mostly Broncos fans, so we made sure to cheer extra loud when we could, which was mostly just the 2nd half.  The place erupted on that 80-yd TD pass to end the game in OT.  All I could do was drop my jaw in disbelief.

The evening ended with a great workout at 24-hour Fitness, a fitness club near our Fairfield Inn, which our front desk gives free passes for.  I'm going to begin working out with trainers back in Pittsburgh at a place called ESI.  I was told about it during a lunch I had with Neil Walker.  He said that's where he trained and highly recommended it.  So I'm scheduled for my first session Tuesday and we'll see how it goes.  They have their own chiropractors there and the trainers also have a PT background.  It seems like a really good setup and I'm excite to check it out.

My dad and I also went to Anthem yesterday where I played another really solid round, shooting a 3-under 69.  I just played solid golf, making 4 birdies and 1 bogey.  I missed a number of makable putts, but overall it was a good round, hitting 13 greens and making a few really nice up and downs.  It just seems like I've really solved some issues and made the appropriate corrections.  I'm really excited for the season to begin.  We fly home tomorrow at 4pm

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