Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Awesome Trip

My trip to Chicago and Milwaukee was a lot of fun, despite the 6 inches of snow that fell as soon as I got to Chicago.  It was an easy drive there, except for the last 30 minutes when the snow started to fall.  My girlfriend Kristine accompanied me on the trip and the first stop was lunch at Gino's East Pizza.  In response to an earlier post, Ghiradino's is probably better, but it was still good.  It was fun watching the snow deluge outside as we ate… the not so fun part was having to drive in it.  Fortunately, the hotel was only a couple blocks away and we made it there pretty easily, despite some of the street signs and One-Way signs being covered in snow.  We met up with my friend Kenny for dinner at the Metropolitan Club which is on the 67th floor of the Sears Tower.  It was pretty awesome, despite the fact that we were eating in clouds and couldn't see a whole lot.  We spent the next morning walking up and down Michigan Ave before we headed up to Milwaukee for dinner at the AMU.

We met up with my mom and headed over to the Former Marquette Players dinner, which my mother was invited to since she was the SID from 79 to 89 at MU.  It was cool to see so many former players come back for the dinner and for the acknowledgement they all received at halftime of the game the next day.  The oldest player at the banquet was from the 1945 team, and he received alot of applause.  Probably 150-200 players came back to be recognized and it was really neat to see so many players coming up to my mom and talking to her about their time at Marquette and how they appreciated what she did for them.  We met up with some of my MU friends, including my other former roommate Brendan, who flew in from DC for the weekend, and had some good times catching up.

The game the next day went well, even though Kristine, a Pitt alumni, wore her Pitt stuff to the game as we sat in the former players' section, haha.  We stopped at Kopp's (obviously) for lunch before the game.  Fortunately, Marquette pulled out a 5 point win.  I met up with Coach Bailey at halftime and some former golfers, along with current players, Matt Haase and Ryan Prickette.  I dropped off a caddy bib autographed by Ricky Barnes and myself for the MU Golf Outing this summer.  I'm sure it will be the hot ticket item at the auction…

We went to dinner that night with Kenny, Liz, Tony, and Alana at a cool place in the 3rd Ward called The Screaming Tuna.  We all got sushi which was fantastic, it was a much different view of the city than I was used to seeing, and it was really fun.  Monday was spent driving home, as Kristine had to get back for the night shift at Children's Hospital where she's a nurse.  

Since then I've been continuing my workouts at ESI, which are going great.  It already is paying off in my golf practice, as alot of the pain in my back has subsided, while I also feel in more control of the golf club due to my added strength.  Things are really going well and my game seems to be only getting better since Q-School.  This is going to be an exciting year.  I've been trying to contact TaylorMade to se if they are interested in signing me on again this year, but haven't had anyone call me back over the last week.  Regardless, it's going to be a great year.  Off to hit some balls at the Neville Island Dome!

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