Monday, September 23, 2013

Year to Date

Here is a list of my results from this year…

April 7-12, Canadian Tour Q-School-             74-74-71-74, DNQ
April 22, Valdosta Mon Qualifier - 70, DNQ
April 29, Athens Mon Qualifier-     70, DNQ
April 30-May2, Peach State Tour event-         70-68-70, 4th place finish
May 9, US Open Local Qualifier, Westmoreland- 70, DNQ
May 27, Avenel Mon Qualifier-      71, DNQ
June 17-18, West Penn Open -                        69-67-68, 1st place
June 24-26, Frank Fuhrer Invtl -                      68-69-71-71, 1st place
June 27, Greenbrier Pre-Qualifier -                  74, Qualified for Monday
July 1, Greenbrier Monday Qualifer -              69, DNQ
July 5, John Deere Pre-Qualifier-                     68 - 2nd place and Qualified for Monday
July 8, John Deere Monday Qualifier-             68, DNQ
July 21-23, Peach State Tour event-                 72-75, CUT
Aug 5, Missouri Monday Qualifer - 66, Lost in 14 for 3 playoff, DNQ
Aug 12-14, PA Open,                                      71-78-80, 37th place finish
Sept 9-11, New England Open                        74-72-66, 7th place finish
Sept 25-27 - NGA Tour Panther Lake             71-69-69, 6th place finish
Sept 30-Oct 2 - NGA Tour Crooked Cat         68-71-69, 10th place finish
Oct 7-9 - The Chicago Open                            77-72-71, 19th place finish
Oct 22-25 1st Stage of Q-School                      67-75-78-71, 23rd place finish - ADVANCED!

Upcoming Tournaments
November 19-22, 2nd Stage Q-School at Southern Hills Plantation in Florida

Here is a link to an interview after my tournament low 66 at the New England Open...

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Gearing Up!

I know over the last two and a half years I have, for the most part, stayed really positive on this blog.  And during some of my struggles, especially in 2010, I think I was more trying to convince myself that things were improving.  But I can say, without a doubt, that I am the most excited about my game going into this year than I have been at any point in the last three years.  I am already hitting it great and that is only in hitting inside a dome.  I'm keeping it simple with my swing thoughts and working on things that I was doing well when I was playing my best.  I'm as strong as I've ever been, and as mentally prepared as I've ever been.  With my 2 months off due to surgery, I am now as eager to get playing as I've ever been.  And working off my success at the end of the year with a couple of Web.Com appearances, I am truly confident that I will be able to qualify for a few events right off the bat in places like Louisiana, the two in Georgia, and the PGA events in Puerto Rico and Tampa.  So for now, here is my tentative schedule for the next 3 months…

February 16-- I leave Pittsburgh and drive to Atlanta
February 17-19-- I play and practice at some really good Club Corp courses in Atl. area
February 20-- Get to Tampa, where I will be located through March
February 22-24-- Marquette Alumni match, where I will be playing 36 holes each day with other     Marquette alums against the current Marquette team.
February 28-March 5-- I'm hoping to go to Puerto Rico for their Friday Qualifier for 2 spots in the PGA event there and the Monday qualifier for 4 spots.
March 7-10-- Puerto Rico Open (PGA)
March 7-- Pre-Qualifier for Transitions Championship in Tampa
March 11-- Monday Qualifier for Transitions Championship
March 13-14-- Tampa Bay Open, $30,000 purse, alternative if I fail to qualify for Transitions
March 14-17-- Transitions Championship (PGA)
March 18-- Monday Qualifier for Louisiana Open (
March 21-24-- Louisiana Open (
April 7-12-- Canadian Tour Q-School
April 22-- Monday qualifier for Kinderlou Forest (
April 25-28-- Kinderlou Forest (
April 29-- Monday Qualifier at Stadion Classic at UGA (
May 2-5-- Stadion Classic (
May 9-- US Open Local Qualifying at Westmoreland CC
May 14-- US Open Local Qualifying at Grove City CC (one of these two…)

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Guess Who's Back!

I know it's been a long time since my last post and I apologize.  Once again, I couldn't find the heart to post anything after coming so close but just short at Q-School last fall.  I was really playing well in that last half of the year too.  I qualified for 2 Web.Com Tour Events and shot 71-66-70 to start at Q-school before a final round 74 cost me to miss by two.
My offseason started by getting back in to workout at Evolution Sports Institute (ESI) in Bridgeville, Pa.  I was there starting November 1st and was really making good progress.  I was able to workout with Neil Walker a few times as well which was pretty cool.  But we had a lot of Professional athletes in there, Steelers like Willie Colon and Ryan Clark, a boxer, Jason Bergman, and a QB from Dartmouth.  I think one of the most beneficial things is the infectious mindset and attitude gained from working with guys that are at the highest level of their sports.  The confidence in the room is astounding and like i said, helps you gain your own confidence.
Unfortunately, starting on December 12th, my workouts at ESI stopped because I needed and had surgery to remove two pilonidal cysts located just below my tailbone.  Pilonidal cysts are pesky because they tunnel to get to the skin surface, thus the encompass a much larger area and take much longer to heal.   I've had an open wound in that area ever since and still to this day have nurses come to my house daily to change the wound dressing.  The wound was originally 9cm long, 4 cm deep, and 3.5 cm wide.  After 4 weeks now I'm down to about half of that and tried to hit balls for the first time yesterday, but it was a little too painful, and the last thing you want to ever do is come back too soon and form bad habits due to injuries.  So I putted for a while down at the Dome during while my dad was hitting balls.  I did workout last night at Oxford for the first time since my surgery.  My dad and I walked a 1.5 miles on the treadmill and I was even able to get to a very light jog.  I did some light lifting and pushups as well.
So what have I done with all my free time lying on the floor with bum in the air?  Well, I remade a 1950's boardgame called Careers.  I also updated another boardgame from the 1960's called Mr. President which meant updating the Electoral Count and candidates.  We used fictional presidents from movies like James Marshall (Harrison Ford in Air Force One), Andrew Shepherd (Michael Douglas in the American President), Mays Gilliam (Chris Rock in Head of State) Henry Hayes and Robert Kinsey (President and Senator from Stargate SG-1) and so on… Yeah, I've had a lot of free time, haha.  But my dad has been nice enough to humor me and play alot of Mr. President games with me since I've been down for the count.
My first event this year, hopefully, will be down in Puerto Rico at the start of March.  I'm going to go down there and do the two qualifiers for the PGA Tour event like I did last March.  And I'll be going down to Tampa starting in Early to Mid February.  I'm planning on playing in the Marquette Alumni Match on February 21-24 as well, which should be in the Tampa area.  I'm hoping to do better at keeping this blog up to date, that's my new year's resolution.

Congrats to good friend Peter Malnati on his engagement!