Monday, February 27, 2012

Good things on the Horizon

And that horizon is going to be in the Atlantic Standard Time Zone.  Puerto Rico is my next stop and I fly out on Wednesday.  I have one more day in Tampa tomorrow at Hunter's Green before I fly out.  Things are going VERY well.  I hit it the best I have today, including a 380 yard drive on the flat 18th hole at East Lake Woodlands today. No wind, simply crushed it.  Hitting great chips, giving putts good rolls, and I've really started to hit the ball solidly and consistently.  Super excited to get my competitive season underway in Puerto Rico.

I finally succumbed to the peer pressure and have joined the Twitter world.  Please follow me @MVS_Golf  and I promise to update that a little better than I do my blog.

It has been a solid couple weeks of practice here in Tampa.  I like where my luck is headed, in fact, I hit 5 straight races at Derby Lanes Grayhound track the other day.  I mean that's mostly skill in picking the dogs and understanding talent, but I suppose there's a little luck involved too.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Another Great Week, Schedule

Not much new this last week… I've mostly just been staying the course with my progress.  I'm continuing my 4-day a week workouts at ESI.  They are going really well and my strength has visably increased.  Not only that, but my back pains have decreased dramatically as well.  I was able to see the chiropractor there today.  He's been gone for over a week to tend to some of his players that were at the Pro Bowl…yeah, he's pretty good.  The body is feeling great.

I was also able to get out and play at Treesdale yesterday, and after 2 lessons over the last 2 weeks with Kevin Shields, down at the Neville Island dome, I'm absolutely hitting the ball on a string.  The greens were not in good shape, but when you hit almost every shot inside 10 feet, that's when you can score anywhere.  I made 4 birdies on 9 holes and shot 2-under.  The best of which being a 230-yd rescue club I hit, into the wind, over water at the par-5 6th hole on the Grove course.  I hit it right over the flag to 10 feet and lipped out the eagle putt.  So excited to get down to Florida to practice and play for a couple weeks before I try my hand at qualifying in Puerto Rico, here's my upcoming schedule (tenative)…

February 17-28, Tampa, FL for practice and play outdoors
February 29-March 5, Puerto Rico for 2 qualifiers for the PGA event that is there
March 6-11 (with any luck) Puerto Rico Open, PGA event
March 12-17, eGolf Tour event at Pine Needles, NC
March 18-19, Monday qualifier in Louisiana for Nationwide Tour event
March 20-25, Nationwide event in Louisiana OR eGolf Tour event at Club at Irish Creek
March 26-30, eGolf Tour event at River Run
April 1-8, home in Pittsburgh
April 9-14, eGolf at St James Plantation
April 16-20, eGolf at Forest Oaks
April 22-29, Nationwide Monday qualifer at Kinderlou Forest, Ga, and Tournament
April 30- May 5, Athens GA Nationwide Monday qualifier, and Tournament
May 1(6)-12, home in Pittsburgh