Thursday, March 8, 2012

No luck in Puerto Rico

Everything seemed to be moving in the right direction going into Puerto Rico, but I couldn't quite put it all together for either of the qualifiers.  I played pretty solidly on Friday, in the qualifier for 1 spot, but I had 3 bad holes on the front 9 that took me out of it.  Besides those three holes I made 3 birdies and all pars, which was solid.  I worked hard on the range the next couple of days to try to correct the troubles I had in the first round with some bad shots, and to some degree it worked.  I hit some really good shots in the Monday qualifier and birdied 3 of my last 5 in some serious wind.  Unfortunately, my miscues were really costly, leading to too many bogies and I just couldn't make enough birdies to make up for it.  I'm truly enthusiastic about the positives that are working their way into my game, but there is still work to do.  I've been working on some new things with Kevin Shields here in Pittsburgh, and it just didn't all quite stick with my 3 weeks on the road.  I'm back here now to continue working with him and Joe Boros.  I may be here for a while in the hopes of forming some good habits with my swing.  I worked with a hypnotist my senior year at Marquette, well, my whole team did, and he said it takes 21 days to make something habit.  So that is my goal, to work on my progress for 21 days to make it habit and to improve my consistency.

The wedge game still needs some improvement as well and now that the weather is getting better in Pittsburgh, I'll be able to take the practice outside.  The putting stroke was solid all week, and I hit alot of solid putts, so that's another positive.  I like where things are headed, now it's just about putting in the time.

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