Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Great Workout Today

I had a great first workout at Evolution Sports Institute (ESI) today.  I worked out with a guy named Cole who's super nice, but also super knowledgable.  We did a great 10 minute stretching routine which had me feeling really loose.  We also worked some lunge work with weights that had my quads on absolute fire.  We also worked the area around my scapula's as that is a spot that'd been pinpointed before I even went there.  Although it wasn't a terribly strenuous workout, it really had me going and I'm looking forward to strengthening there over the next month.  I'm headed back tomorrow for another 9AM workout.

They also team up with a chiropractor who was amazing.  According to him I had a rib out of place by my left scapula, which would certainly explain some of the difficulties I've had with that specific area over the last 2 years.  He popped it back into place and I'm hoping that is going to solve the issues I've been having there.

I'm actually going to be headed back to Milwaukee for the Marquette-Pitt basketball game.  I'm headed out Thursday and driving to Chicago.  Then getting into MKE on Friday afternoon and staying until Sunday.

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  1. When will your first competition of the spring be?