Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Hitting the Yellow-Brick road

After a week of solid practice, some good lessons with my pro Joe Boros, and a startling revelation that my irons were 3.5 degrees too flat, I feel great about the game. I'm now sporting the new TaylorMade R9 C irons, which are unreal by the way. We've got my SuperTri fixed up with a good shaft and I'm packing right now in anticipation of my upcoming drive from Pittsburgh to Milwaukee. The Yellow-Brick road as I'm calling it on this trip, since my destination is the wonderful course of OZ... Ozaukee CC that is, where my team at Marquette was privileged to play on numerous occasions. In fact, my freshman year at MU, I fired a new course record 61 after starting out 7 under thru 5. I've definitely got some good vibes going there and I'm looking forward to a glorious return for US Open Local qualifying. I'm 2 for 3 in the last three years, and excited about this upcoming trip. I'll also be playing in a small one-day event at the Bog the day after... another MU stomping ground.


  1. Having played here several times, I personally think Ozaukee CC is a terrible course. 3, 4, 8, 9, and 15 are just bad golf holes. 10,11,12, and 13 are the best. As far as private golf in Milwaukee, I'll take in order:
    North Shore CC
    Milwaukee CC
    North Hills CC
    Tuckaway CC
    Ozaukee CC

    Feel free to chime in with your opinion.

    Good luck in MKE!

  2. DK, I'll give you #8 at Ozaukee, besides that its a hell of a track. The greens are always fast, and overall the overall condition of the course is pristine. Secondly, you can't rank North Shore about Milwaukee CC...its a top 60 track, like top 60 in the world. Milwaukee is #1, 2-5 is definitely up for debate between North Shore, North HIlls, Ozaukee and Westmoor and Westmoor by the way is stellar after the new changes.

  3. I'll admit, I haven't played Westmoor since the recent changes and as far as M.C.C., it's a great golf club, I just can't stand the jerks I know who belong there, ha!

  4. Anonymous could have just put MVS down, because he pretty much wrote my opinions exactly. No doubt that 8th green needs to be changed, but I just shot 79 today and can only blame myself. The course demanded great shots, but was still fair. I just didn't hit enough great shots. North Shore HAS to be behind MKE CC. Strawberry Creek is more Kenosha area, but I would put that at 3rd behind OZ and MKE CC, then North Shore. Havent played Tuckaway or North Hills yet though.