Monday, April 26, 2010

Sittin' in Wendy's

So I'm sitting in Wendy's... who knew they had wireless?! Just finished up my Nationwide Monday qualifying and played pretty well. I made 8 birdies and shot a 4 under 68, but out here that's just no good. Tough living, but I certainly could've shot lower. My first hole of the day, the tenth, was probably the most difficult driving hole on the course and I blocked my 2iron into a lake. I had to drop on the next tee box and made double bogey. I then proceeded to make 4 birdies in a row and a couple bogeys to finish the side at even. I was able to muster 4 more tweeters on the front, and had a 10 footer on my 16th hole, but just read it wrong. I'm playing really well (see 8 birdies). Just need to clean up the card and keep the bad shots in play. I've got an eGolf event now starting Wednesday in Charlotte. One of the courses used is The Palisades, site of my 11th Collegiate victory, so I know how to play out there and will have the positive waves going. Still have about a 4 hour drive ahead of me... you know you've been traveling alot when 4 hours seems like a bike ride to your buddy's house, haha oh well.

Live Long and Drive it Longer

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  1. Good effort, Mike. And good luck in the next tourney. Looks like your scores are getting lower as the weather heats up! Lower scores are right around the corner. So what was the food of choice at Wendy's? I'm personally a BK/Whopper kind of guy.