Sunday, April 4, 2010

New Sponsor: Chrislynn Energy Services

Those of you who see me playing in tournaments this year will now see Chrislynn Energy Services printed on my left chest. They have graciously decided to sponsor me for the remainder of the year. I'm very excited about this development and look forward to representing a company that truly makes a difference in the "Going Green" movement. The people who I've been in contact with from the company are some truly great individuals and I want to thank them for their support. Find out more about who they are by checking out their website!

I'm leaving Hilton Head tomorrow for an eGolf Tour event in Southport, NC. Playing some practice rounds on Monday and Tuesday with Mizzou alum Peter Malnati. We played together a few times in college. About as nice a kid as you can find... two peas in a pod I guess. haha, I'll have some updates throughout the week. Until then, may you all be blessed with many birdies.


  1. Well done, Mike. So what's in your bag? Let's get some inside scoop on your brand names, specs, etc. Good luck in NC. Also, by signing up Chrislynn and referring to their "going green" movement, do you lean "left" in the political spectrum?

  2. MVS - Who's your favorite in the Masters? Have you ever played there?

  3. Whats In The Bag...

    Taylormade R9 SuperTri Driver- 103gram Diamana Shaft
    R9 3wood
    2iron-54 degree are the R9 Tour Irons with the legal grooves
    Lob wedge is Cleveland
    Putter is a glorious Bettinardi
    I switched to the Taylormade Penta ball this January. It's even better than the ProV1-x. Truthfully.

    Funny you ask if I lean left, my roommates from MU would laugh. I'm actually fairly right, but taking responsibility for our environment isnt a party issue in my opinion, it just makes sense. Regardless of the validity of global warming, clean air, clean water, and saving money with more efficient energy is a plus for everyone.

    Masters- Never played there, but walked the course once. Had Friday tickets in '05 but got rained out. Anthony Kim looks like a great pick. He's playing well and has the fearlessness needed if Tiger is near the top. I think Matt Kuchar is a sneaky dark horse pick though. Steadily been playing well for the last year and a half. Tiger's going to MC.