Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Practice Rounds

A pair of great practice round days. I really struck the ball well today, so much so that at one point I said to Peter Malnati, "It's really a shame I'm not in a Tour event this week." to which he agreed. Hopefully this will translate directly to some good scores. I think I'm one or two hot putting rounds away from making some noise. Really excited. I tee off at 1250 tomorrow. I'll let you all know how it goes, or you can follow along. eGolf Website.

One humorous story from today... the first hole at the founders club is probably right around 390 yards. It was downwind today and a bit narrow by the green, but Peter and I both decide to hit Driver. He hits a good one down the middle, and then I crush one on the same line. About 40 yards short of the green the cartpath crosses the fairway. Knowing the path is there, and with my ball in mid-air and picking up my tee, I half-jokingly yell, "Hit the path and go on the green!" My ball then hits the path and goes onto the green pin high 20 feet. We both laugh at the lucky break. I then proceed to pour the putt in dead center for an eagle two. As we leave the green Peter says, "If you hadn't called that in mid-air it would've been totally bogus." Fair enough... but I did.

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