Thursday, October 14, 2010

Surprise, even par

Again I fired even par, and again I failed to make a cut. The good shots were really good, but the misses were still a bit troublesome. Still, I was 2 under for the tournament with 7 holes to play and knew I needed to get to 4 under, and I was happy with how I played the next couple holes until I hit a pair of bad tee shots on 15 and 16, which led to bogies. I really hit it great on the range today, and gained some more confidence in my swing. I just focused on the basic fundamentals and what has been successful for me in the past and I hit it great again. I used to say that my swing was over as soon as the club was halfway back and I've gone away from that this year for some dumb reason. Once there, I just finish the swing back and unload through. Pretty simple. I'll admit that I've over-thought my swing a bit this year, but I was really pleased with my results today. I stayed and practiced at Callaway today after the eGolf event finished up. My plan is to practice and play here tomorrow and then head to the Club at Irish Creek on Saturday morning.

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