Monday, October 4, 2010

Not today, but that's why there's tomorrow

Had my Nationwide Monday qualifier today and it didn't go well. The swing is really coming along nicely, but I still had a couple costly, loose drivers. Got to keep it in play and I didn't. But my swing is really starting to feel solid again. Just a couple days of good practice to sturdy the confidence in my swing and I'm sure great things are to come. I'm headed to Atlanta tomorrow for a couple days. I'll be headed to Bear's Best for a couple days of practice. It's a Club Corp facility, thus I'm able to practice/play there for only a cart fee. Then I'm off to the TaylorMade Kingdom at Reynolds Plantation to take a look at some things.

I just had a great conversation with Coach Raymonds, who's done so much for me over my life, and I'm eternally grateful to him. He's the reason I wound up at Marquette, which was one of the best things that ever happened to me. And he's such an inspiring individual. His message, "Don't ever give up." There's no better wisdom than that.

My next tournament will be at Callaway Gardens October 12-14. It's an eGolf event.

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