Thursday, July 7, 2011

Two Flustrating Holes

I played quite solidly for 34 of the 36 holes in this week's West Penn Open. I didn't hit it as well the final round, but was still hitting it decently well and managed the course well. I was -3 on the day heading into 16, and was -4 overall for the tournament. I blocked a rescue wood into the right rough and misjudged the wind on my second shot, flying my ball into some fescue over the green. Three chips and two putts later, I picked the ball out of the hole for a round-killing, triple bogey, seven. It was a much different 7 from the one the prior day however. The day 1 seven, was mostly due to stupidity and the fact that I was hitting it so unbelievably well that I thought I could hit any shot I wanted. The day two 7 was due to a poor drive, misjudgment, and a couple poor chips. Ultimately, failed execution. It's funny how failed execution can be so much easier to swallow than sheer stupidity. Obviously I was still extremely disappointed, but I didn't play anything wrong, unlike the attempt at hitting the mega-cut on day one.

The really frustrating thing was walking off the 17th green and seeing the scoreboard, which had me in 2nd place at -4, but it didn't have my last two holes factored in. I couldn't believe how many people had backed up, and that I would've been in 2nd had I just made a couple pars. But it was not to be, regardless this tournament was another step in the right direction, as my ball-striking was superior all week long. I finished T-11 and am now gearing up for a two-week eGolf Tour trip. I'm playing at the Club at Irish Creek next week and then headed to Aiken, SC to play at Woodland Plantation. A place I am actually fairly familiar with as I played there a couple times while playing in the Youth Sports Festival that Treesdale used to take part in.

I'm very excited about what these next two weeks will hold. I'm really swinging it well and working on the right things. And feel good about the putter right now as well. Some wedge work is still in order, and that's what this weekend's main focus will be.

Oh, and I know flustrating is not a real word. It's flustered and frustrating combined into one. I felt it more accurately portrayed my emotions, haha.

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