Saturday, July 2, 2011

Not what I was hoping for

Round 3 at the Fuhrer saw much of the same as the first two rounds, as I let some shots slip away, especially on holes 3 and 8. Through 3 rounds I sat at 11 over par, and I was a combined 10 over par on those two holes combined. So that was really a killer, because besides those couple holes I played alright. I just kept hitting poor tee balls and getting into trouble on those two holes. I wound up with a 75 in Round 3. I got home and intended on practicing some putting, as I let some short putts get away from me. Unfortunately, I laid down and absolutely crashed. I slept for about 2 or 3 hours on the couch. Which was exceptionally odd, because I NEVER do that. Anyhow, Doug Stadler, who was caddying for me this last week, and I went that evening to see Super 8 and my throat began to feel a bit sore. I slept absolutely awful that night and realized the next morning that I had a cold coming on.

Round 4 was a bit miserable. The pins were extremely difficult and some wind picked up. Worst of all I was congested and a bit dizzy. Again I couldn't get comfortable over the short putts and missed a few en route to a final round 77 to finish in 13th place. Very disappointing, as I really wanted to play well in Mr. Fuhrer's event.

I then spent Thursday caddying for my dad in US Senior Open qualifying. I really enjoy caddying for my dad, but I was even sicker and it was truly a miserable day for me. My dad got it around alright while not playing his best, and he was only +1 thru about 13 and had a lob wedge in his hand. If we could have managed a birdie there, then we might've come close. However, we had some trouble there and made a bogey, which really deflated the momentum my dad had going. Plus, it was 50+ guys for 1 spot. It took a -2 par 68, and we finished with a 76. However, a pair of Chocolate Malts from Dairy Queen afterwards made us both feel a little better.

I woke up Friday turning a corner and feeling slightly better. I got some really good practice in at Treesdale before I headed to Nevillewood to play a practice round for next week's West Penn Open. I hit it absolutely fantastic out there, and feel my game has begun to turn a corner as well. I'll be doing some circle drills this weekend to work on making putts.

On a sad note, Steve Cottingham has resigned as the Marquette AD. He was an absolutely fantastic individual who did a lot for me, the golf team, and the entire athletic department. He made some fantastic hires, added some sports teams during a time when schools are doing nothing but cutting them, and brought a new excitement to the athletic department. He will be very much missed, and I hope Marquette finds someone of his caliber to fill the void he has left.

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