Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Oh, So Close!

I had it. Mike Van Sickle was back for the first 11 holes today. I hit it fantastic and was -5 thru 11 today at Nevillewood for the West Penn Open. Then, studpidity struck. I left my drive on number 3 out right and was 3 feet outside the fescue. Totally fine, but a tree blocked any direct path to the green, so I was forced to layup. Right? Right? Im so stupid, No. Out comes the 3-wood, as I'm 245 out and I try to hit a mega-cut from a decent lie in the rough. Very do-able, although high risk. Don't pull it off. The ball comes out low and straight, flying over a bunker and OB. I go on to make a 7 on the hole. Why couldn't I have been born with an angel over my one shoulder telling me, "Layup Mike, it's OK, we'll hit a wedge in close. No worries." No, no, instead I was born with only the little devil who's yelling "Hit it! Come on! We can pull this shot off. It'll be so cool! Don't lay up you wuss... come on, GO FOR IT!" Sigh, and I've gotten so good ignoring him too...

I've still been fighting this darn Mega-Cold I've got and it got to me a bit on the last few holes as well. I felt really fatigued and mentally drained. A couple shots slipped away and I wound up with a -1, 71. Disappointing, since I was playing like I was going to shoot an easy 64, but a step in the right direction. I mean I really had my swing going. Prob the best I hit it since the final round of the 2009 PA Open at Oakmont. Looks like the lead will be at -5 and I will be 4 back. Certainly within striking distance, especially for how I was playing. Just need to get a hot putter tomorrow!

Went to the doctor afterwards and was prescribed a 5-day Z-pack. Hopefully that'll get me to kick this nasty bug.

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