Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Moving On

Well, came up a bit short at the Louisiana qualifier. Took 67 to get in under windy conditions and I just didn't hit it well enough. Short game was good though, kept me in contention for a while. I'm in Orlando for a couple days of practice, then I'm headed to Del Ray Beach to watch the MU golf team play in a tournament. I think having my presence there might give them some good vibes... haha. Then I'm headed to Hilton Head for a couple weeks. Just signed up for my next tournament, which will be the eGolf Tour event in North Carolina April 7-10. After that I've got a pair of Nationwide qualifiers the last two weeks in April. For now that's the schedule. Finalizing some details with a sponsor for my left chest logo, I'll be unveiling who it is and what their about in the coming week!


  1. No worries, Mike. Your scores will go down soon and in conjunction with the revealing of this sponsor. Left chest logo? Cool. Maybe Adidas? Maybe Taylor Made? What kind of bag are you carrying? Any sponsorship there? Thanks for the update.

  2. I only want a sponsor that translates into me getting free shit

  3. personally, I'd shoot for a sponsor that is well known and Plan B...I mean Dada