Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy Trails: Arizona

My time in Scottsdale for the moment has come to a close. After a 20+ hour drive from Scottsdale, I have arrived in Lafayette, Louisiana to compete in the Monday qualifier for the Louisiana Open (a Nationwide Tour event). I played a practice round today at the Wetlands GC where my qualifier for 7 spots will take place. There are roughly 80 guys vouching for those spots in the tournament. A front is coming through bringing some rain right now and it's expected to be cool and windy. The interesting thing is that, in comparison to Arizona, I'm finding I need to dial down my yardages a little bit as the ball doesn't fly as far down here at sea level as it did back in the dry air of Arizona. I'm looking forward to Monday and excited about my first opportunity to play my way onto the Nationwide Tour.

Cudos to Lazar and company for a great season. A tough way to end it losing to Washington, but they played their guts out and represented MU well.


  1. Probably have to dial down the yardages because you have not hit the bench enough

  2. Good luck, Mike! Now the real season begins and I predict some low rounds are in your future. Keep everyone updated on your results/schedule.

  3. How did the qualifier go Mike? I'm hopeful that you are implementing the swivel move into you swing. I'm thinking you will get at least 10 more yards down at sea level. May help compensate for the dry air of Arizona which you are use to (or lack of time hitting the bench). You don't want to get too buff. I have been getting a lot of exercise playing Wii Fitness. I would recommend it to you. It is really helping me tone my adductor magnus and gastroonemius muscles. Let us know how it is going. I can also help put together a fitness program for you.