Friday, July 30, 2010

RI Open and Upcoming

Well I made a cut at least. This week's Rhode Island Open was filled with positives and triple the negatives. Three triple bogies that is. Rounds of 75-74-75 netted me a 34th place finish. The ball striking was a little off until my last 9 holes of the tournament, and I had some difficulty reading the greens. The course itself, Quidnessette CC in North Kingstown, RI is actually a tremendous course that sits right near the ocean. A good course for my game if I just could have executed better.

I'm in Hanover, MA now, visiting my former roommate from Marquette, Brendan Lowd. He got us tickets to a Red Sox game and it'll be my first trip to Fenway. I'm always down for rooting against the Tigers... so we'll have fun. Sunday I'm headed up to Nantucket to see another one of my college friends, Tony Watt. Tony lives in Wisconsin right in Bristlecone Pines, site of this year's Wisconsin State Open. He was really excited about caddying for me in the tournament... until the Wisconsin PGA told me that my requests for a special exemption had been declined and I would not be playing in their tournament. Which was too bad, because I really wanted to get back to Wisconsin. No matter though, as now I will be playing in the West Penn Open which is being played at the same time, and I'll be able to sleep in my own bed for that one.

Next on the schedule is the Pennsylvania Open August 9-11 at Applebrook CC just west of Philly. I'll be going for a third State Open title.


  1. Mike

    Good luck in the PA open. It seems like you're struggling this year, as compared to your collegiate tournaments. What do you attribute the difficulties to? Is there a certain facet of your game that is causing problems? Does the travel take a toll mentally?

  2. Mike - I would recommend a wife and kids to help you with your golf game. Got anyone lined up to tie the knot with? Look at what has happened to Tiger since the little incident and breakup. His game went to pot. Get married quick and start having kids.

  3. If the travel is taking a toll, I don't consciously notice it. For some reason the ball striking hasn't been there as well as it has in the past. I've been grinding away and working hard, and it's definitely coming around.

    married and have kids? At 23? I dont think so. If you look even farther back, if he hadnt gotten married he wouldn't be having the problems he is having today...