Thursday, July 1, 2010

John Deere Qualifying

I'm in Moline, IL right now gearing up for John Deere qualifying. The pre-qualifier is tomorrow and they take the top 50 plus ties, and we will go to the Monday qualifier where 4 spots are usually available. Playing about as good as I've played all year. It's time to get this year turned around right now. Deer Run CC is a course I got to experience last year and I know that I can play well there. The key will be qualifying for the event, which I am confident will occur if I play my game. Time to rest up and make some birdies tomorrow. I tee it up at 820 am.


  1. Tough go of it, Mike. Hopefully better times are ahead. Where are you playing next - is the PA open coming up soon? Also, I just came across the news that your ex-college coach is no longer at Marquette. How was your relationship with him and what are your thoughts on who should be the next coach?

  2. PA Open is still about a month away, the dates for that are August 9-11. It's at Applebrook CC this year, which is out east, but I'll be there. Joe Boros has always been my swing coach, but in my time at Marquette Tim was quite helpful. It's a sad day at Marquette to see him go. He only aided in the success that I had, and we still have a good relationship. I would imagine MU will conduct a nationwide search for a qualified candidate. It's a special place to be and we deserve the best.