Monday, March 30, 2009

Low Rounds

As I was updating Marquette's season statistics today, I came across another interesting fact ... Although, all-around, this past weekend's FAU Spring Break Championship was not a particularly favorable showing for the Golden Eagles, Mike Van Sickle still managed to close with nine birdies and finish his final round with a 6-under par 65.

That matches the third lowest round all-time by a Marquette player. In fact, three of the four lowest scores ever recorded by an MU players were recorded by Van Sickle THIS YEAR.

His 63 to come back an win the Western Refining All-America classic back in November tied Mike Bielawski's school record. Earlier this season, Van Sickle carded a 64 en route to dominating the Xavier Invitational, where he won by eight strokes.

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