Monday, February 27, 2012

Good things on the Horizon

And that horizon is going to be in the Atlantic Standard Time Zone.  Puerto Rico is my next stop and I fly out on Wednesday.  I have one more day in Tampa tomorrow at Hunter's Green before I fly out.  Things are going VERY well.  I hit it the best I have today, including a 380 yard drive on the flat 18th hole at East Lake Woodlands today. No wind, simply crushed it.  Hitting great chips, giving putts good rolls, and I've really started to hit the ball solidly and consistently.  Super excited to get my competitive season underway in Puerto Rico.

I finally succumbed to the peer pressure and have joined the Twitter world.  Please follow me @MVS_Golf  and I promise to update that a little better than I do my blog.

It has been a solid couple weeks of practice here in Tampa.  I like where my luck is headed, in fact, I hit 5 straight races at Derby Lanes Grayhound track the other day.  I mean that's mostly skill in picking the dogs and understanding talent, but I suppose there's a little luck involved too.

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  1. was luck catching those dogs in 5 consecutive races. Why does this seem like gambling to you?!?!?