Wednesday, January 19, 2011

2 for 2

I've been playing this week in my second Gateway Event of the year, and today made my second cut of the year. More than I made all of last year, which is sickening, but also a good sign. I'm really playing well. My ball-striking was the real issue last year, and Joe B. pinpointed some good things this last time out. Anyhow, I've hit it great the last two days, with the exception of one awful swing each day. Both were tee shots, one with a rescue and the other a 3-iron. I blocked them both WAY right and they both led to doubles. Besides those two holes though, I've made 13 birdies and just 3 bogeys. I fired 68-70 and sit at 6-under and tied for 22nd. The leader is at 11-under. I've come from 5 back before, it's going to take a special round tomorrow, but the key is staying focused on my own game, and just try to make as many birdies as possible. I've really been rolling it fantastically this week and have been very solid inside of 6 feet, and have made a few 20-30 footers.
A fairy somewhere just lost it's wings. Why? There is a 310 yard par 4 out at the Raven. It's uphill and has a severe false front. The green is not very deep either. There is some room just off the green, but not much, mostly desert. Mike Van Sickle from a few years back would have just grabbed the driver and tried to hit the green every round. I've hit 5-iron/Lob Wedge both rounds. The first day to 4 feet and today to 7 feet. Both led to birdies. Really? Me? Laying up? And what's worse is that I birdied it twice. Who am I? hahaha. Both my playing competitors hit driver yesterday, both into the desert. Both hit irons today. Guess I'm a trendsetter. Results from the tourny... Gateway Results


  1. Mike - seems like your game is coming around which is great to hear. What is next on your schedule? Last year seemed like a tough year for you but one that will probably make you stronger going forward. How do you see your game matching up with some of the other college guys your played with? During your junior year you seemed on par at least result wise with Rickie F. He had a great past year. Do you look at his game and feel it is at a completely different level than yours currently or do you feel you are a couple minor swing or mental tweaks from competing with him. Cameron is another player that comes to mind. Let us know.

  2. Maybe this is just the mentality that a professional golfer needs to have, but when I'm playing my best golf, I don't think anyone can beat me. That being said, I haven't played my best golf in over a year, but I'm closing back in on getting there and I'm as close as I've been in recent days. It's awesome to see Rickie and Cam playing well. I've played with Rickie a few times and it was apparent he was going to have success out there. Really nice kid too. Very confident, which is a must to be a success out there on tour. Cam was my teammate on the Palmer Cup. Don't think we played together in the practice rounds and we weren't teamed up during the event, but he's probably in my top-5 "Nicest Kids you'll ever meet" list.


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