Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Hope Everyone had a Merry Christmas!

Sorry for the delay between posts here, I dropped the ball a bit. But I took a pair of weeks off after Q-School and was home for a bit. Not a whole lot to tell. Now I've moved back out to Scottsdale and have been here for almost 3 weeks. I've had a couple of my best range sessions of the year this last week, and have been playing well. Fired a 67 today playing out at the Golf Club Scottsdale. Unfortunately, my membership there runs out January 5th so I'll be looking to for another option most likely. I'm super excited for 2011 though, and the adjustments I've made to the swing really feel like the right move. I'll be playing the Gateway Tour when that starts up in January, and will play out here at least through mid-March. Then I'll most likely take off for the east coast and follow the Nationwide Tour for a couple weeks and try some Monday qualifiers. The weather out here has been beautiful and I went for a swim on Christmas day... mostly just to say that I did. I'll be headed back to Milwaukee for a couple days around New Years, and then I'll be meeting up with my dad back out here in Scottsdale for a really fun event called the Desert Marlin. It's one pro and one am. Last year we played with Chez Reavie the first day and Andrew McGee the second. My dad has been playing well all year, so we've got some higher expectations than last year, when we were both in the midst of taking some time off. Besides the week that I mentioned, I've been keeping the game going and not really taking any extended time off. My game has definitely been making progress and I'm looking forward to getting back into tournament golf. Hope you all had a wonderful holiday season and may 2011 be better than 2010