Wednesday, July 15, 2009

VIDEO: "Mike's Diary" on WTMJ-TV

Our good friend Lance Allan over at WTMJ-TV ("Today's TMJ4") will be featuring Mike Van Sickle in a video diary this week in conjunction with the U.S. Bank Championship in Milwaukee.

Check out the first installment titled, "Marquette and Mike" online at Lance's blog at:

Scheduled to run during tonight's evening news will be a feature focused on the Van Sickle family, including father Gary and mother Betsy.


  1. Luke - can you explain what Mr. Van Sickle's plans are for the rest of summer related to golf. I know he is hoping to make the Walker Cup team but are there other tournaments he plans to play in (Western Am, Penn State Open, Penn State Am, etc.)?

    As a side question, is Mr. Nasiopulos still involved with the golf program at MU?

  2. As of now, Mike's next three events will be the Porter Cup (July 21-25), Western Amateur (Aug. 2-8) and the Pennsylvania Open (Aug. 10-12).

    And yes, Mr. Nasiopulos is an associate athletic director at Marquette and is the sport administrator for men's golf.

  3. Thanks for the diary link, Luke. As a former golfer under Jim Nasiopulos (a.ka. Naz), this is a special week for former players and I may get a little teary eyed when I see the blue and gold in the crowd supporting Mr. Van Sickle. I will be one of the patrons outside the ropes and am looking forward to #10 tee tomorrow.

    J. Lee

  4. Does anyone know how Mike plans to react to the crowd's applause after he hits a great shot or makes a birdie? I'm wondering if it will be a wave to the crowd with a straight face (a la Steve Stricker), a sheepish smile and nod (a la Phil Mickelson), or a touch of the cap (a la Tiger Woods). If he's in contention on Sunday, he may have to do the "point and walk" ala Tiger when he is in contention! Or maybe Mike has a new and original "thank you" to the crowd up his sleeve...